We, the employees of the Riverside County Welfare to Work Division, believe working is one of the keys to a healthy, productive lifestyle, supporting the preservation and well-being of families.

Our mission is to work vigorously to free our participants from the burden of welfare dependency, and achieve a better, happier lifestyle through self-sufficiency. We will serve the taxpayers of Riverside County by reducing welfare dependency, thus making tax dollars available for other expenditures and needs.

As we accomplish our mission, we will continue to strive to be the best in our business. We will renew and continue to practice our commitment of outstanding customer service to program participants, employers, and the community.

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A Google account offers many benefits, including a free email, account, and a online drive. With an online drive you can create and access your resume from any computer.

Use this link to setup your account for the first time or to login to your existing account.

Once you are done working please be sure to logout of your account.

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Be sure to sign-out of Google when you are done working.

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